Faith is our special daughter out of Rachel, that seems to have gotten her three dimensional sense of the field and where the marks are. Faith is showing great talent already at such a young age, but also is my husband’s snuggle “lap” dog in the evenings. Lots of fun times coming as we run tests in 2021. She earned 2/2 Started Passes at her first HRC test in April

RFC’s Thru Storms Came Faith

  • Hips:

  • Elbows:

  • Eyes:

  • CNM:

    Clear Thru PawPrint Genetics
  • EIC:

    Clear Thru PawPrint Genetics

    Carrier, Thru PawPrint Genetics
  • AKC Reg:

  • UKC Reg:

  • DOB:

  • DNA:

    DD Non-dilute, Clear thru PawPrint Genetics

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